Sunday Services @ 11:00am
Directions & Address

Sunday Service

We meet every Sunday at 11:00am at Zion Lutheran Church (654 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown, PA 19031). Read below to learn a little bit more about our gatherings.


Ever wonder why Christians gather? All throughout Scripture, God’s people come together to be reminded of the covenant he’s made with them. To “renew” the covenant, so to speak. In Christ, God’s covenant with us is that he has made us his own; he is our God and we are his people. He’s purchased us through the blood of Jesus and we’re coming to be reminded of that and to confess our devotion to him alone. We come together to collectively reject all other pseudo-saviors and cling tightly to the one who can truly save and transform us into his image.


At our Sunday services you should notice very clear “movements” of the gospel during the service. One of the music leaders will guide us through these movements with readings and songs. We start with a “call to worship”, which is us acknowledging that God first pursued us, not the reverse. We then move into “confession”, understanding that as we draw near to a holy God, our sins are exposed. We’re laid bare and we want to collectively acknowledge this. Then we have a time of “assurance”, in which we’re reminded that - despite our sin against God - he has loved us in Christ and made us his own. And this means that we have “peace” with God and peace with one another. After the sermon and communion, we are reminded that this love we have received in Christ is a love that drives us into “mission”, wanting the world to know the love of God in Christ Jesus. And lastly, we end with a “benediction”, which is a blessing for the road as we all leave.


You’ll notice that the Scriptures are central to everything we do on any given Sunday. The readings we do are either straight from the Bible or very soundly based upon what it says; we labor to make sure the songs are Biblically sound; we preach through books of the Bible or on particular passages if we’re addressing a specific subject matter. The reason we do this, is because we don’t know God apart from how he’s revealed himself in the Bible. It’s our only authority for understanding him and knowing him.


We do not have just one style of music, as some Sundays we have a full band, and others we have one instrument and a couple vocalists. We can do “big sound”, but we also appreciate having things “stripped down”. Either way, music and lyrics are very important to us. We want to know God through the creative process and we want the words we sing to cut to the heart, leading people to be confronted and comforted by all that God is for us in Christ.

Regardless of your background, just know we want you to come gather with us. Dress down or dress up; we are unconcerned with things like that. We want you to hear the gospel. We want to know you and your story, and we want to help you connect how your story intersects with the bigger story that God is weaving together as the Author of Salvation.